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New Brooks Brothers Ties, Accessories---New Bow Ties

Discussion in '2011-2017 Classic Menswear' started by Steve Smith, Dec 24, 2012.

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  1. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith Well-Known Member

    Feb 5, 2008
    Price includes US shipping. International shipping is not much more. I usually ship a tie rolled up in a bulletproof little 3x4x4 cardboard box. These ties are first quality but have a mark through the label to prevent return to BB. Even if a tie has an "Irregular" label, it is first quality unless otherwise noted.

    Boxers. Retail $45 per pair. Will be shipped in an envelope, boxes may be crushed.
    W36. BBCC Blue and GF Blue 2 Pairs $45>>$40***SOLD***
    W42. BBCC White and BBCC Blue. 2 Pairs $45>>$40
    W42. BBCC Blue X 2. 2 Pairs $45>>$40

    Black Fleece Bow Ties. Irregular Label. $30.
    BF Navy/White/Green Bow
    BF Black White/Crimson Bow

    Brooks Brothers Bow Ties. $30
    Red w Navy Dot Bow
    Red Tartan Bow***SOLD***
    Gold w BB logo Bow***SOLD***
    Turquoise w BB logo BowSOLD
    Gray w Navy Dot Bow***SOLD***
    Dark Green/Crimson/Gold Madder Bow
    Black Bow***SOLD***

    Brooks Brothers Bow Ties. $30
    Social Primer Yellow BB#1/Blue Hunt Scene Bow***SOLD***
    BB#1 Gold/Lt Blue/Navy Bow***SOLD***
    Gold/Lt Blue/Navy Bow
    Blue/Lt Blue/Purple Star Bow***SOLD***
    Navy/White/Lt Blue Bow***SOLD***
    Navy/Silver Stripe Bow***SOLD***

    Silk Ties 3.5 to 3.75. $30
    Lt Lavender Diamonds
    Purple Hermit Crab
    Burg w Lt Blue Dots***SOLD***
    Black w White Dots***SOLD***
    Navy Flowers***SOLD***
    Gold w Lt Blue Golden Fleece. Minor imperfection $20

    Silk Ties 3.25, Last one 3.5. $30
    Red Textured Stripe***SOLD***
    Pink Textured Stripe
    Yellow Textured Stripe***SOLD***
    Purple Textured Stripe***SOLD***
    Lt Blue Textured Stripe

    Silk Ties $30
    Red Green Plaid
    Burgundy Gold Plaid
    Black Watch Wool***SOLD***
    Lt Blue BB1***SOLD***
    Lt Green BB1
    Blue w Burg/Red Stripe

    Extra Long Ties $30
    Navy/Salmon StripeSOLD
    Navy Lt Blue BB1***SOLD***
    Lt Blue Silk Twill
    Burgundy w Pool Balls

    Satin Finish Ties. First three are $30. #4 is $25
    4 inch Gray
    3 in Burgundy
    3 in Lavender
    3 in Lt Gray

    Silk Ties
    Black 4.25 $30
    Lt Blue Silk/Linen Herringbone $30
    Golden Fleece Pink Paisley $35

    Silk Ties 3 inch. $30
    Lt Blue Satin 3 In***SOLD***
    Lt Blue w Logo***SOLD***

    Golden Fleece 4 Inch Silk Ties. $35

    Green Stripe
    Yellow Stripe
    Lavender Stripe
    Solid Pink Seven Fold

    Silk Ties 3.25 to 3.5 $30
    Plum Textured***SOLD***
    Yellow w Fine Blue/White Stripe
    Burg w Salmon/Navy Stripe
    Gold Textured
    Turquoise Textured
    Yellow w Fine Navy/Lt Blue Stripe***SOLD***

    Silk Ties 3 inch $30
    Textured Burgundy***SOLD***
    Fuchsia w Orange/Ivory Stripe***SOLD***
    Purple/Black Stripe***SOLD***
    Salmon w Navy/White/Lt Blue***SOLD***
    Salmon w Navy/White Fine
    Orange w Navy/White/Lt Blue***SOLD***
    Royal Blue

    Knit ties. First is silk, others are wool. $30
    Salmon/Navy/White Stripe***SOLD***
    Orange/Navy Stripe
    Green/Navy Stripe***SOLD***

    Four Brooks Brothers Watch Straps. 16mm. $20


    *****ALL SOLD BELOW****

    Brown Leather Grain Belt. W36 Width 1 3/8. $45***SOLD***
    Black Stitched Leather Belt. W36 Width 1.25. $45***SOLD***
    Black Leather Grain Belt. W36 Width 1 3/8. $45***SOLD***
    Cordovan Stitched Leather Belt. W38 Width 1.25. $45***SOLD***

    Black Fleece Bow Ties. Irregular label or no label. $30
    Navy/Silver/Green BF Bow
    Black/Crimson/White BF Bow***SOLD***

    Gray Cotton Corduroy Black Fleece 2 5/8 in wide. $45***SOLD***

    Brown Shearling Lamb Gloves. Made in the United Kingdom. Retail $198. M**SOLD** $60. XL **SOLD**$60. XL with adhesive from transparent tape on one glove (will come out with dry cleaning, see last photo) $50.***SOLD***

    Blue Needlepoint Belt with Anchors. W30 Width 1 3/8. $50
    Tan Leather Belt. W30 Width 1 1/8. $45***SOLD***
    Tan Braided Leather Belt. W34 Width 1.25. $50***SOLD***

    Dark Brown Perforated Leather Belt. W40 Width 1 3/8. $45
    Black Leather Dress Belt. W40 Width 1 1/8. $45
    Harry's of London Brown Ostrich Hide Belt. Retail $495. W42 Width 1/1/8. $145.

    Dk Brown American Alligator Belt. W30 Width1 Retail $798 $220
    Dk Brown American Alligator Belt. W30 Width1 Retail $798 Missing Buckle. $170.
    Dk Brown Leather Strap for plaque buckle. W30 Retail $88. $45

    Peal & Co Dark Brown Leather Belt. W38, Width1.25. Retail $148. $70>>$60***SOLD****
    Women's Black American Alligator Belt. Medium W31.5, Width 1.5. Retail $798. $200.

    Brooks Brothers Bow Ties. $30
    Orange Flower BowSOLD
    Navy/Green Clover Textured Bow***SOLD***
    Navy Flower Bow***SOLD***
    Purple Framed Square Bow***SOLD*
    Purple Flower Bow***SOLD***
    Brown Paisley BowSOLD
    Yellow/Lt Blue Geometric BowSOLD
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2013
  2. xm8k36d

    xm8k36d Member

    Sep 7, 2012
    Belt shipped and received very quickly. Nice quality. Thanks a lot.
    Any chance you can find bb women's shoes Steve? I'm looking for size 5-5.5 shoes for my wife, preferably black fleece, for example this one: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Wingt...?dwvar_08AZ_Color=BLCK&contentpos=8&cgid=1190
    This pair is well constructed, and has an unlined insole which is oak tanned leather, which I like a lot. But could not find the right size either at the store or online.
    Thanks in advance.
  3. Crimson Red

    Crimson Red Member

    Feb 9, 2013
    London, United Kingdom and Bangkok, Thailand
    What is the width of these silk ties?

    Burgundy Gold Plaid
    Lt Blue BB1
    Lt Green BB1
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